about rrrc

RRRC shoots twice a month, once each at Altcar and Warcop. Please consult this page for dates and times.
A full list of the ranges is below with our shoot dates to the right. Please bear in mind that shooting at Warcop can be interrupted by military use which, of course, takes precedence over civilian range time. Please check these dates before setting off.

    Shoot Locations:
  • Altcar - Southport

  • B Range 38 300 yards (270 m)
    C Range 23 600 yards (550 m)
    D Range 8 1,000 yards (910 m)
    I Range 15 201 yards (184 m)
    K Range 12 100 yards (91 m)

  • Warcop - Cumbria

  • B4 - Section Defence
    C7 - Milan Range
    C8 (Charlie Low) - Field Firing
    C10 (Charlie High) - Field Firing
    E22 - Section Defence

Altcar ranges are specific target ranges where at Warcop targets at multiple ranges can be engaged providing the are in arc.